Outdoor Building Advertising
Xtreme Media owns the rights to numerous outdoor advertising opportunities for 3rd party advertisers. These range from the ability to fully wrap a number of buildings in the Johannesburg CBD to perimeter wraps and wallscapes to sky-sign and container advertising opportunities throughout Johannesburg. These range in size between 18m and 1,000m.

Xtreme Media makes use of unutilised space on properties that can be used for 3rd party advertising.

All this is accomplished through strong relationships with numerous property funds and developers.

Discount packages for group sites can be put together to offer maximum value to clients.

If you are a property owner or manager, please contact us to discuss the uitilisation of free and unused space on your properties that can be used to generate additional income.

ATM Advertising
Xtreme Media is the first company to offer exclusive 3rd-party advertising on the largest independent network of ATMs in South Africa.

Xtreme Media offers 3rd party advertising on the back of all transaction slips and receipts.

Through the ATM Advertising medium we are able to reach in excess of 5 million financially active consumers per month. This enables advertisers to be at the point where consumers are drawing money and are prepared to spend.

Campaigns to date include Dial Direct, DTSV, United International Pictures, Nu Metro, First For Women, Clover Tropika, Incredible Connection, Budget Insurance, Vodaworld to name a few.

Product and Corporate Promotions
As a result of excellent service to specific companies, Xtreme Media has the ability to provide unique and varied products as well and strategies for corporate and promotional products.
  1. Corporate Promotions

  2. Xtreme Media has completed various projects ranging from detailed campaign promotions such as the production and distribution of 50 000 branded tissue boxes throughout SA, through to Christmas gifts etc.

    Please click on one of the links below for corporate products:

  3. Map Advertising/Marketing

  4. Xtreme Media has relationships with SAs most credible and trusted mapping company. We are able to turn any of these map products into branded products.

    These products have been used successfully by a number of companies. Maps can be personalised with company branding and product information and we can go as far as to map specific locations such as World Cup Soccer stadiums; park and ride areas; safety and security tips and hotels.

  5. Wall Art

  6. Xtreme Media can create innovative and dynamic printed wall graphics and artworks that will transform any blank wall into an inspiring and exciting living, working and shopping environment.

    Products range from stretched canvas box frames to wallpapers.

Indoor Advertising
Xtreme Media creates strong indoor campaigns from shopping centres to parkades utilising various mediums such as escalators, lifts, light boxes, pillar wraps and can include fragrancing.
Digital Media
Xtreme Media offers a range of quality digital media services including:
  1. Website Development

    • Blogs
    • Content Management Systems
    • Forums and Directories
    • E-commerce - Online shops (shopping carts)
    • HTML and FLASH websites
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) including detailed hit statistics.

  2. Multimedia

    • Interactive CD and DVD presentations
    • Sales and Marketing presentations
    • Digital image portfolios and galleries

  3. Email Marketing and Newsletters

    • Bulk Email design and distribution

  4. Corporate Identity

    • Company logo, business card, letterhead design and print
    • Catalogue, brochure, poster, signage design and print
Specialised Advertising
  1. License Renewal Advertising

  2. Xtreme Media owns the rights to advertise on the Department of Transports License Renewal Letters in the Gauteng Province.

    For the first time in South Africa, the opportunity has arisen for a company to advertise on the Annual License Renewal Notices for all motor vehicles in the Gauteng Province. Current distribution is in excess of 300,000 units per month (3.6 million per annum) to either home or office addresses. This affords an advertiser the opportunity to communicate exclusively with every single vehicle owner in the Province.

    Campaigns to date include Dial Direct, Standard Bank, Budget Insurance, Auto & General to name a few.

    The medium works well as the vehicle owner has to take this document into the Dept of Transport in order to renew their annual vehicle license.

    Response rates have been excellent through all campaigns.

  3. Helicopter Advertising

  4. Through strategic partners, Xtreme Media offers helicopter advertising. This is a very large billboard that is hung from the helicopter while its flies over strategic venues. This can be used for promotions, store openings, sporting events, brand awareness as well as many more applications.

    Helicopter Ads is a tactical and strategic awareness tool that can be accurately positioned. It is a safe, Aviations Authority approved system that can be deployed nationally.